League Rules

League Rules


RULES 2019/20


1. The League shall be titled “Southend Licensed Victuallers and Clubs Darts League”, hereafter called 

“The League”.

2. The rules of the League shall be decided at an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.). Any suggestions for alterations to the rules should be submitted to the Hon. League Secretary, in writing, 28 days before the A.G.M. All proposals should be voted on separately by the member teams. The rule on voting at the A.G.M. to be one vote per team. The Committee shall have the casting vote.

3. The League shall be governed by a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, League Secretary, Records Secretary, Treasurer and up to four Committee members. 

This Committee shall be responsible for managing the League in accordance with the rules. 

These officers and Committee members are to be elected by the member teams at the A.G.M. and shall have to be re-elected after one year.

5. If any matter arises that is not covered by the rules, the Committee shall make a ruling which must be recorded in the minutes. This will then become a rule for the remainder of the season in which it is made. At the next A.G.M. the rule must be put forward for revision by the membership. Whatever is passed will then become a permanent rule. Permanent rules may only be passed or altered at an A.G.M.

6. Failure to fulfil matches will be dealt with by the Committee. In the event that a team is expelled from or drops out of the League, their records will be expunged and any points gained in matches against them by teams and players will be cancelled.

7. All team cups and trophies will be perpetual and cannot be won outright, unless otherwise stated. A team or individual holding a cup or trophy, shall be regarded as the legal custodian on behalf of and in trust for the League of the same. The team Captain or Secretary will be required to sign a receipt for each trophy when presented and will be responsible for returning trophies (in a clean condition) to the League Secretary, before a date to be determined by the Committee. Teams will be deducted one point from the League table and the League pairs table for each week that a trophy is late.


8. In the event of the League becoming insolvent, all assets (trophies) are to be sold. All funds will then be used to pay outstanding debts. Any remaining funds will be given to charity.

9. The League will, no later than seven days prior to Christmas, hold a draw involving all teams. One half of the raffle proceeds will be paid out in prizes to the winning teams. All team secretaries will be informed of the place and date of the draw. They, or a team representative, may participate.

10. A presentation night will be held at the close of each season. Each team shall pay £20.00 to be used for the purchase of raffle prizes. MAXIMUM SUPPORT IS HOPED FOR.


11. The League shall be open to all teams from any Public House or Licensed Club East of an imaginary North/South line, centred on Rayleigh Weir and bounded by the Rivers Thames and Crouch.

12. All member teams and teams applying for membership must attend an A.G.M. Any team not represented at the A.G.M. shall be excluded from the League in the coming season. Mitigating circumstances may be taken into account.

13. Any member club may enter more than one team in the League, but no player may register for more than one team in any one season.

14. Every team, not club, must enter a list of registered players containing names and addresses in block letters and player’s normal signatures. 

Male players only. Minimum age of 14 on or before start date of season, at licensee’s discretion.

15. No player is allowed to play until his League fee’s and registration are in the hands of the Records Secretary.

16. In the event that a team is charged with fielding ineligible players, the responsible official will be asked to attend a Committee meeting to explain. The official deemed responsible shall be the one who signed the result card. Failure to provide a satisfactory explanation may lead to a fine or suspension. If the offending player is a member of another team within the League he faces the same charges and punishments as the official. If, however, he is not registered at all, the Committee may refuse him registration for any team during the remainder of the season or any succeeding seasons.

17. Any member team or player that brings the League into disrepute by any conduct that is offensive, violent, insulting or indecent in nature either verbally or physical to other players, other teams, or to any Landlord, his staff or his customers will face the possibility of a ban or suspension from the League.

Any member team/s or player/s involved in an incident that the Committee deem serious enough to bring the League into disrepute and requiring disciplinary action will automatically be suspended from all league matches and competitions until the League Secretary receives reports from both team Secretaries or Captains involved. At which time a disciplinary hearing will be arranged and the incident discussed and any punishment decided upon and all parties involved will then be notified by letter of their punishment if found guilty. I.e. suspension or ban if required.

18. Member teams or players found guilty of any disciplinary matter may appeal. The appeal must be received, in writing, by the League Secretary within 14 days of notification. After receipt in writing of an appeal, the League Secretary will offer two dates for a hearing at which the available members for the Committee will review the case in hand. The meeting will be held within fourteen days of the request for an appeal. If the party making an appeal cannot be present at the hearing then they will lose their right of appeal. The decision at this meeting is final.

19. League fee’s to be paid prior to season start:

Team registration……..   £10.00

New team bond……….   £20.00 (to be refunded at the end of the season if all fixtures are completed).

Player registration…….   £3.00 per player

Christmas raffle……….   £20.00

See competition rules for Singles, Pairs, Whittakers Trebles and Ray Brunton fees.



20. The board used shall be a “clock “ board, numbered one to twenty, containing treble and doubles, “bulls-eye” and a twenty five ring. “Bulls-eye” to score fifty and counting as a double twenty five finish.

21. The board shall be mounted so that the centre of the “Bull” is five feet eight inches from the floor. From there, via a plum line off the face of the board, seven feet and nine and a quarter inches along the floor to a permanent or portable raised “Oche”. (Subject to the approval of the Licensee).

22. Any make of board may be used provided that it is in good condition. The board shall be well illuminated. 

23. Match board to be open to all players from both teams between 8.00pm and 8.30pm. Draw to be made at 8.30pm and matches to start at 8.45pm.

Any team failing to be in the venue by 8.45pm on a playing night will forfeit all three pairs games.

24. Should a team be short of the required number of players at the time of the draw for order of play, then the opposing team (having the correct number for that match, i.e. eight for a League match and eight, nine or ten for a cup match) shall be allowed to select which player(s) from their own team will get the “walkover(s)”.

25. Games must be played in the order of the draw and players must be ready to play when required to do so.

26. Order of throw to be decided by a throw at the “bulls-eye”. Visiting team to throw first. Nearest to the “bulls-eye” to throw first in the first and third legs (and the fifth leg in Aggregate Cup) . In the Pairs League, where only one leg is played, the order of play will still be decided by a throw at the “bulls-eye”. If the player throwing for “bulls-eye” first scores a 25 or “bulls-eye” he MUST remove his dart before the second player throws.

27. All games will have a marker that will officiate. When a player has thrown his three darts, he must wait until the marker has checked and called his score before withdrawing them from the board. Mistakes cannot be corrected otherwise. After each players throw, the total score of the three darts added together is to be displayed on the score board and then subtracted from the total.

28. If a player has 170 or less left, he may ask the marker only, how many required for the leg.  

29. If a player throws his required double but, receiving no sign from the caller, throws again, any subsequent dart in the board does not “bust”. The leg is over when the exact number required, is scored on a double.

30. Both home and away teams send a result card to the Records Secretary, to be received by midday Wednesday following matches. This applies to League matches and Cup matches. Three late League match cards will result in one point being deducted from the League Table and the League Pairs Table.



31. Pair’s League matches to precede League matches

32. Matches shall be fours pair’s games of one leg, 701 up, straight start, double finish. The two team Captains will make a draw for the pairings and order of play. 

33. Teams to be awarded one point for each game won. In the event that one team has less than eight players, they will forfeit one or two games to the opposition.

34. The Pair’s League winners shall be decided on points. Should two or more teams be level on points, then pair’s matches won will count.


35. No League fixture, once published, to be changed unless agreed by both teams and the Records Secretary. If a team needs to postpone a League match they must give at least 24 hours notice to both the Records Secretary and the Secretary or Captain of the other team. Matches can only be postponed due to bad weather or bereavement. Mitigating circumstances may be taken into account. If less than 24 hours notice is given the opposing team may claim up to £10.00 in compensation for wasted food etc. This will be dealt with by the Committee.

36. A team must have a minimum of four players present before a League match can commence. Failure to have at least four players will result in a League match being conceded Eight – Nil.

This will be dealt with by the Committee.

37. Matches shall be eight singles games, best of three legs, 501 up, straight start, double finish. The two team captains will make a draw for the order of play.

38. The team winning most games in a match will be awarded two points. In the event of a drawn match, one point will be awarded to each team.

39. The League winners shall be decided by points. Should two or more teams be level on points, then games won will count. If teams are still level, then legs difference will count.


40. Players shall be awarded one point for each game won. 

41. League averages will be decided on points. Should two or more players be level on points then legs won will count. If players are still level then legs difference will count.

42. Awards shall be made for the most 180’s and highest finish scored in League matches and Pairs League matches. An award will also be made for the shortest leg achieved in League matches. Cup matches are excluded for these awards.


General Competition rules for Knockout Cup, Trevor Smith Trophy and Bob Finch Trophy:

43. Matches must be played on the dates given.

44. Teams that fail to fulfil matches will forfeit the tie and be fined £10.00. 

45. A draw will be made after each round.

46. Prospective venues for cup finals, semi finals and competitions must confirm that food will be supplied free of charge. If a venue is unable or unwilling to supply food free of charge they will not host any competitions.

General match rules apply to all competitions.


47. A match shall be nine singles games, best of three legs, 501 up, straight start, double finish.

48. The team winning the most games shall be the winner.


49. All member teams will be entered in the draw.

50The rules and format of play are the same as the K.O. Cup except that all games are double start.


51. This competition will be played bi-annually when the season start year is an odd number. All member teams will be entered into the draw.

52. Each team to have ten players. All ten names to be put into a draw. Opposing Captain to draw five pair’s.

53. Each game to be three legs of 1001 up, straight start, double finish. All legs to count.

54. The team that wins the most legs is the winner.


55. This competition will be played bi-annually when the season start year is an even number. All member teams will be entered into the draw.

56. A match shall be four pair’s games, best of three legs, 501 up and four singles games, best of three legs, 401 up. All straight start double finish. 

57. Team Captains can choose which players play in the pairs and /or singles.

58. The team that wins the most games is the winner. If a match finishes four all, one leg of 1001 up, eight a side will be played.

59. In the semi-finals and final, pairs to be 601 up and singles to be 501 up.


60. Entry fee £5.00 per team (not refundable). To be paid on arrival at the venue.

61. A match shall be best of three triples games, one leg, 1001 up, straight start, double finish.

62. Each match shall start with the toss of a coin. Loser of the toss to throw first in the second game. If the score is one game each, the toss of a coin will decide who throws first in the third game.

63. Team Captains must name their groupings at the start of each match.

64. A team must have a minimum of seven players present at the time of the draw. If a team has only seven or eight players the opposing Captain will choose one or two players from those that have played in the first two games to make up the third triple.

65. Teams may change their players and groupings for each match.

66. The Committee shall have the right to decide on the format of the competition on the night to suit the number of entries. (Knockout or Round Robin etc).

67. When the competition is played as a knockout all three games will be played in matches of the early rounds.


68. Entry fee £2.00 per player. To be paid on arrival at the venue.

69. Games will be best of three legs, 501 up, straight start, double finish. Semi-finals and final will be best of five legs.



70. Entry fee £3.00 per pair. To be paid on arrival at the venue.

71. Games will be best of three legs, 601 up, straight start, double finish. Semi-finals and final will be best of five legs.

72. Both partners must be present at the time of the draw. One player will not be allowed to play against two.


73. Each team’s top two ranked players in the League averages will qualify to play.

74. In the event that a player is unable to play, teams may enter their next ranked player. Subject to prior notice to the Records Secretary. 

75. Games will be best of five legs, 501 up, straight start double finish.

76. If the League consists of more than one division, a separate competition will be held for each division.


77. Each team Secretary may partner either the Captain or the Vice Captain.

78. Games will be played as pairs and be best of three legs, 601 up, straight start, double finish.


79. All Committee Members and either the Captain or Secretary of each team (not both), may enter this competition.

80. Games will be best of three legs, 501 up, straight start, double finish.


81. Start time 8.00pm.

82. Entry fee £6.00 per team.

83. Teams of three. One single, one leg, 501 up. One pair, one leg, 601 up. Each team member to play. Drawn games will be decided by one triple, one leg, 1001 up.

84. All monies collected will be split between the League and a charity chosen by the winning team.